What do you do?

It’s 2 am, you’re 22, you feel like an unemployed shit after your almost failed startup, you can’t sleep, you have nothing better to in your life, your mind is running with all these absurd thoughts about life, what do you do? You write.

Well how to begin, from the beginning I guess…

Imagine your childhood where you have been fed with the crap that you are an absolute miracle of god, that you a over-plumped, short, under confident, shy kid is destined to do big no no no great things in life. What great things no one knows but yes something great…..Hmmmmmm okay!What do you do? You believe.

Then you enter Middle cum High school, a building filled with over emotional unstable teenage fools, where if you are not popular you are meat, being bullied, made fun of was a normal day for a high school kid like me. Where being associated with a loser kid like me meant social suicide. After that you return home, equally rated jungle just on a smaller scale, where everybody is more concerned about how did your amazing, off the top, miracle of god (Yup that’s right!) Elder sibling lost a mark in her latest Physics test. Because please let’s be serious here that one is going to do something in their life. You from being the childhood star of the house turn to be an adolescent grumping bitch who just doesn’t know when to shut up or how to control. Your “career years” 11th and 12th, doesn’t help you either, because even after your sibling moving out of the house the comparison never stopped, and you are constantly realized how your other interests like acting and cricket are useless and distracting for your future Academia career. What do you do? You act to study.

Then somehow you manage to enter a somewhat good college,(not in the eyes of everyone, and come on let’s be honest we are more concerned about what our colleagues and society members think about us, right?) being Indian Engineering is the obvious choice here, where initially you are just happy…..yes freedom, finally! What is this unusual thing? What you can stay awake whole night? Are you kidding me we can watch movies and play games without even studying? So your first year goes in the gutter where you do nothing productive but make new friends, unfriend those new friends, form groups again, because seriously we are still running high with our adolescent fever right? Now second year comes and you start to realize your interests, what you like and what you don’t, mainly the latter but still, you feel it’s important to learn new things in life to move forward, you participate in national level fests, you organize them, you apply for amazing opportunities again, you get one ,you go abroad, you meet amazing people there, you understand what is to be different, you come back and third year starts. You realize engineering is not for you, there are other things in life you can do but how to break this to your parents, you tell them, they flip, then after intense drama you both come to the agreement that let’s finish our formal education and after that it’s your wish. You go back to college, happy to see your friends again, now you head a national level fest and you love it, you explore different things in life and everyday you realize what you don’t want to do but just so that “opportunities” are there in life what do you do? You study.

You enter your last year, you sit for placements and voila you are selected for a no technical company, for a non-technical role at a startup as an intern for Sales! What do you do? You go against your parents wishes and join.

You join the internship, you do fabulous you get converted earlier than your contract, then you do fabulous and get 3 people under you to become a team leader, then you do fabulous and get 20 people under you to become a manager. But to achieve all of this a year has passed, not bad for a 22 year old eh? For the first time in your life after a long time you are confident, you are boastful, you are full of yourself, and you feel like on top of the world, you feel like Midas, anything you touch turns into gold! And then suddenly out of nowhere another opportunity comes banging at your door, and says “Son, meet Vijay, I have decided to invest in his startup, even though I know you have come 100 times yourself with different Ideas and have pointed 100 flaws in Vijay’s idea I feel like I should do it, because it’s in the same Industry you have been working for the past year.”
You naturally deny, but then you get convincing sessions and calls and on a low moment at your job you feel like that’s not a bad opportunity come to think of it. What do you do? You Quit.

You join the startup and well here we are again frustrated like a high school teenage girl.(I’m a guy by the way)

Too exhausted to write anymore, something positive right? Might get to sleep now……ZzzZZzZZzzzzzzzz


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