The Follow-up!


In the world’s oldest art of Business namely Sales, whenever a deal needs closing, it’s almost never been done on the first call or the first meeting itself. The first meeting has always been,and if the human brain continues to works in the same way, will always be about rapport building. So when does the sale gets closed you ask – THE FOLLOW-UP!

Similarly in the interactive human world every decision we make every action we decide to undertake from now on requires a follow-up. Of course it matters the effort it took you to go to the gym the first day, but what about the second,third,fourth…? Well hell yeah a career making decision of giving a competitive exam matters, but so does the follow up preparation of it. If making a decision was enough believe me all the people and I mean all the people would win in life, but sadly that’s not the case, is it?


Well people feel that first step is hard, so is the second and next and next till it becomes your fricking routine. So with the same determination when you woke up the first day, why not give the same effort on the second because if you loosen your efforts even by .01 percent the next day it’s gonna hurt you and it’s gonna hurt you bad.


Don’t believe me….well I have got Mathematics to kick your ass!

And amazingly the timing of these continuous follow-up matters a lot, well there’s no use of going to the gym after every 10-15-20-45-90 odd days now is it..? (A little hypocritical of me, don’t you think? )


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