First Time!?

nrm_1411468757-men-get-bikini-waxes-for-the-first-timeSo you just lie there moping around scratching your belly and a thought passes your mind “I should write a blog!”, “You should totally write a blog” says an inner sidekick voice almost seconding your thought. So here I am exactly 3 years 4 months 21 days 7 hours 23 minutes 43 seconds later writing my first blog.

So now the question arises what was I doing for the past 3 years 4 months 21 days 7 hours 23 minutes 45 seconds? Well I was thinking about what should I write about in my first blog. “Of course it ought to be about something really Awesome!” said another voice (I need to stop doing this right? :P) , Yeah something truly amazing, right? To make your grand opening, your red carpet to the oscars……

Well no!

Yeah you heard me right.

What is the best time to do anything in life?

For a majority of us we wait a long time for that right moment to do something, to start something or to make a big change in our life, to take that one step and everything that we desired will be ours. Sadly for a majority of us that waiting never ends. Because life doesn’t work like that, ah how we wished that it did but it doesn’t, in life whatever you gotta do, wherever you gotta do the only right time to do is now.

We keep on saying “Man one day I’m gonna open my own company!”, “Bro one day I will play in a Band”,”One day you see I’ll apply for that job”  well fortunately or unfortunately for me they were a lot of things, writing a Blog amongst them.

So I thought what better time to start writing a blog is present than any others? Or what better time is to do anything in life than now?

Because tonight I am young, tomorrow I am gonna be one day older and hence one day less to fulfill whatever dreams I desire, so why not have a shot at them right now anyway. And mind me when I say a shot I mean a 100% effort. Why not?

Yeah agreed that doing anything for the first time is scary what if we planned out something and it didn’t turn out that way? Or what if our dreams don’t get fulfilled? But they’re not going to get accomplished right now by themselves that’s for sure!

Having a sense of inactivity about something (Procrastination)  is a common phenomenon that has been observed across, not in a particular race or a region but all across humanity.  Because it is common human tendency to be embarrassed or scared from anything that has never been done before or something that the people around us don’t accept so our brain drives into this defensive mode and scares the living bejesus out of us! It exaggerates the embarrassing situation 10 times to make us stop doing that thing. But don’t listen to that part! That part is like our inner nagging wife always discouraging us to try something new or about anything we do in life, but we’ll never get ahead in our life if we keep listening to that part.

So go ahead and take that chance, sit alone and introspect and just take that leap of faith because if we ain’t gonna do it now, we’ll be scared for the rest of our life.

Besides you never know how life might surprise you?


2 thoughts on “First Time!?

  1. Quite motivating enough! So this my first reply to a blog. Coz what you (the author) have put up here is a small step, which is indeed very tough to take. Thus a step I took which I’ve never taken before.

    Inspired by this!

    Liked by 1 person

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