The center of YOUR problem

Have you ever thought to yourself or have you ever come across a though in your mind “Why Me?”.  Well all I can tell you with surety that you are not alone, I cannot speak for the great masses out there, but I can speak for myself. Yes I do feel that sometimes. Specially after […]

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The No fap cult!

After my friend’s light conversational mention, about how he had managed to turn his life upside down in a quick span of 6 months left me awed. He told me about this reddit thread called #NoFap90, now you know me right? Having a high performing inquisitive mind or in other words a fresh new vendetta […]

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What do you do?

It’s 2 am, you’re 22, you feel like an unemployed shit after your almost failed startup, you can’t sleep, you have nothing better to in your life, your mind is running with all these absurd thoughts about life, what do you do? You write. Well how to begin, from the beginning I guess… Imagine your […]

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The Follow-up!

In the world’s oldest art of Business namely Sales, whenever a deal needs closing, it’s almost never been done on the first call or the first meeting itself. The first meeting has always been,and if the human brain continues to works in the same way, will always be about rapport building. So when does the sale gets […]

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First Time!?

So you just lie there moping around scratching your belly and a thought passes your mind “I should write a blog!”, “You should totally write a blog” says an inner sidekick voice almost seconding your thought. So here I am exactly 3 years 4 months 21 days 7 hours 23 minutes 43 seconds later writing […]

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